Binance Referral Code with 20% Commission Discount

Get 20% commission discount as a member of Binance with referral code C15HJGN1!

Many exchanges may prevent you from making instant transactions to maximize their profits after the sudden rise / fall of the cryptocurrencies you invest. For those who are looking for an alternative exchange, in this article, we will describe the methods by which you can become a member of Binance with a 20% referral code and pay less commission.

The most important issue to note here is that not every reference link provides a 20% commission discount. In the later part of the article, we also touched on this topic with visuals.

Binance 20% Referral Link

By clicking, you can benefit from the 20% commission discount as in the image.

As part of its affiliate program, Binance defines a 40% commission for us. A maximum of 20% of the 40% commission discount defined in our accounts can be returned to the members.

For example, if you sign up with a 20% referral link and trade $1000, $0.60 of it goes to Binance, $0.20 to the person you subscribe to with the referral code, and $0.20 to you.

After registering with the Binance 20% referral code, you can see how much commission you earn after your transactions, by logging into the Binance mobile application, by going to the homepage > referral > commissions shared with you. Since I am not a member with a referral link, all of the commissions in my transactions go to Binance.

binance highest referral code

What Will You Earn If You Become a member with a 20% Referral Code?

Binance’s commission rate on coin purchases and sales is 0.1%. So, when you buy a coin, Binance gets 1 commission per thousand. In the same way, when you sell coins, it receives a commission of 1 thousand.

What you will earn if you open a Binance account with 20% reference code, let’s explain with an example;

Let’s assume that you invest $ 1000 and make a buy-sell transaction 5 times a day. In total, you have made 10 transactions. In this case, you pay 0.1% x 10 = 1% commission. In other words, for 10 transactions of $1000, Binance receives a total commission of $ 10. If you sign up with a 20% commission discount referral link, 20% of the commission you will pay will be returned to you.

Be sure to pay attention to the information “Your commission discount rate is 20%” in the image when signing up with a 20% referral code. If nothing is written in this area, you become a member with a link that does not benefit from the commission discount.

Earn Additional 25% Binance Commission Discount

After signing up to Binance with a 20% referral link, you can earn + 25% commission discount and pay less commission than trading transactions. For this, the first thing you need to do after depositing money on Binance is to buy 5-10 dollars of BNB coins.

If you buy BNB coins, commission fees after trading will be reduced on the BNB coins you purchased and your total commission discount will be 20% + 25%.

In case you buy BNB coins;

  • The buying commission will be 0.075%, not 0.01%.
  • The sales commission will also be 0.075%, not 0.01%.

Can a referral code be added later on Binance?

After signing up to Binance, referral code cannot be added. However, if you have not confirmed your identity, you can open a new account and use the reference code.

Binance Referral Code Commission Discount Rates

The reference code rates that will provide discounts on the Binance exchange are 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% and 0%.

You can create multiple links from the reference field. You can even create 2 or more links belonging to you at the same reference commission rate. At this point, Binance provided the opportunity to monitor how many people are members on different platforms with the reference link of its users. For example, I created 3 links to provide 20% referral discount. I can follow the feedback by adding different links to my Youtube channel, website and a different platform where I advertise.

What You Need to Know About Binance Referral Code

The rate that will provide the highest commission discount to be shared with you is 20%.

If you sign up via the direct link of, even if it says “optional” in the reference code field, always enter a code or sign up with the link shared with you directly. The reference ID will be automatically identified.

You cannot add a referral code after you become a member of Binance.

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